Income Tax Services

C.D.Patel & Co has been the leader when it comes to Income tax related services. As a company we have helped both individuals and companies with their year end taxation queries. In India, this service falls under the purview of the revenue and finance ministry in the Union Government.

The term Income Tax covers a number of different aspects. Individual citizens, companies, Trusts, Co-operative societies as well as firms can be taxed under this header. However, the challenge is the calculation of the amount to be paid. This is where we, at C.D.Patel & Co. come into help. Our staff not only analyzes the earnings of our clients, they also look at their investments and deductions.

We are well versed with the latest trends in the market. Our staff knows which are the investment methods that can be used to save tax for our clients. We also assist our clients with every step of the filing process. This means ensuring the proper documentation as well as calculating the correct amount of earnings and more importantly to check if there is any refund due to the client or not.

Contact us today at C.D.Patel & Co. to get expert help with your Income tax matters.

  • Advising on Income Tax Planning of Corporates.

  • IT Returns of directors (Plan & Files)

  • Advising & Assisting employee on IT Planning

  • Advising & reviewing of all necessary tax withholding responsibilities.

  • Advising all financial subjects which are of your interest and keeping you updated on the new amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments.

  • Filing annual Income Tax return.