Trademark Registration in Gujarat

Trademark registration is important to prove that the product is genuine and to win the trust of your customers. C.D.Patel & Co provides trademark registration in Gujarat with proper methods and by filing the necessary documents needed. Trademark gives you the exclusive right to your goods which can be sold by others under your name. A trademark product wins the confidence of the customer easily.

Trademark registration by C.D.Patel & Co. offers you the assured work due to years of work experience in the field. There are certain procedures followed in India regarding the trademark registration.

Logo Registration in Gujarat

For a logo registration, a logo should be first predetermined and it should not be identical to any other firm’s logo. Therefore, a logo search is must before a logo registration. After having set the logo, the company needs to fill the logo registration application of the concerned logo registrant.

C.D.Patel & Co. provides logo registration in Gujarat after complete investigation about its brand recognition. A logo registration cannot carry forward if the brand is not registered. We make our clients follow rules and regulations strictly. It takes at least 15-18 months to execute the procedure and register the logo.

ISO Registration in Gujarat

An ISO registration is necessary and provided to those companies to be known for its high and quality standards. It is another achievement for the company to receivean ISO certification by registered firms who provide it. C.D.Patel & Co. is one such successful and executive firm which provides ISO registration in Gujarat.

The company having ISO registration does not mean it provides quality products at all times but that the company follows appropriate business procedure while running the company. We make our clients clear about the required procedures and regulations to be followed for such registration.