What is GST?

A Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a form of sales tax. It also falls into the category of Indirect Tax. At C.D.Patel & Co we help you understand the same. We provide help to buyers by helping them understand the amount to be paid on the goods purchased. If our client is a seller, we ensure that their pricing includes the tax percentage levied by the Government of India.

However, the calculation of GST is not a simple addition method. Our experts look at points like manufacturing costs and profit margins during the calculation process. These amounts vary for a manufacturer and a retailer. Hence we help our clients understand how the GST amount can change as per their position in the supply chain.

However, this is not the only service provided by us. As taxation experts, we also help our clients with their year-end tax refunds. The confusion which arises among small-time retailers and manufacturers is of the amount which can be refunded by the government. We provide guidance by calculating the percentage of GST refund that can be claimed. We also clearly explain that Sales Tax and Service tax are non-refundable expenses.

For your information, GST was introduced in India from the 1st of July 2017 as an indirect tax to the Indian taxation department.

A Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a form of consumption tax. From the perspective of the buyer, it is the tax on the purchase price. From that of a seller. It is a tax only on the value added to a product, material, or service, from an accounting point of view, by this stage of its manufacture or distribution. The manufacturer remits to the government the difference between these two amounts and retains the rest of themselves to offset the taxes they had previously paid on inputs.

GST Registration in Gujarat

We are a reliable GST registration service provider and consultant in Gujarat and have expertise in GST registration, Gvat registration and other below services:

  • Dealer Registrations

  • GVAT Payment & Challans

  • GVAT Returns

  • GVAT Accounts Maintenance

  • VAT Audit

  • Appearing before Commissioner, Tribunal, And Also In The High Court Of Gujarat

  • Penalty & Prosecution

  • Others